Equilibrist businessmanHave you ever had the feeling sometimes that ministry is like walking a tight rope?  I know I have-especially in those early days of pastoring when I had so little experience, and a whole lot of zeal.  There are so many complexities when working with people who are carrying burdens or stuck in the mire of sin.  Leading has many challenges, and if we are not careful, Continue reading “NOT BY CONSTRAINT (FOR PASTORS)”

With God NOTHING Is Impossible!

I recently finished reading through the book of Esther as part of our annual Bible reading schedule here at Grace.  What a powerful story of faith and victory.  The story of Esther and Mordecai’s faith and courage is a true inspiration for us all.  As I was reading through this small Old Testament book, I was reminded and challenged, once again, that even when threatened with the greatest of perils, God is still in control and He can still perform miracles.

Most of us already have the knowledge of this great truth in scripture, yet we often forget when faced with the hard, cold, depressing challenges of life. Continue reading “With God NOTHING Is Impossible!”

Reflections Of A Father

The past two weeks have been some of the busiest I have ever experienced, including our Temple Christian Academy commencement last Friday evening.  I suppose the reason it seemed so taxing was because my own daughter, Alexis, was graduating.  It almost felt like she was getting married or something.  My emotions were all over the map, so I admit I just emmersed myself in the work I had to accomplish in an attempt to  suppress as much of the emotion as possible.  It seemed to be working pretty well until I had to bring the commencement message.  Oh, the pain of it!  How do you wrap 18 years into 30 minutes?  Some how, I got through it and God seemed to bolster me through it all.  In the end, I felt like Continue reading “Reflections Of A Father”