Fulfilling ALL of the Great Commission

DECLARE.DISCIPLE.DO 040714What do you think of when you hear the word Christian?   How about the word disciple?  Do you immediately conjure up images of Bible characters on a flannel graph or a Bible story book?  Do you think of impatient Peter, or maybe the beloved John?  What does it mean to be a disciple or to be discipled?  Do you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminds us that

Jesus summons men to follow him not as a teacher or as a pattern of the good life, but as the Son of God.  He alone matters. Discipleship means adherence to Christ, and, because Christ is the object of that adherence, it must take the form of discipleship. (1)

Discipleship is at the very core of New Testament Christianity, yet its fulfillment within the context of the local church has failed in the twenty-first century. Why? Many churches simply ignore it.  It’s laborious. It’s time consuming. It’s takes energy, strategy, and sacrifice. Therefore many ministries just aren’t committed to making disciples.   Continue reading “Fulfilling ALL of the Great Commission”