Our Founding Faith

Please take time to listen to a recent message I preached on July 4th entitled, “Our Founding Faith”.  It is jammed packed with quotes from our founding fathers and various documents revealing their faith, not just in God in general, but their particular faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

There can be no mistake that those who had a part in the founding and establishing of our great nation, had a true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, AND that they understood the necessity of Christ’s Headship if our country was to truly experience the liberty that only Christ offers.

I hope you enjoy the message.  Please post a response if the message is a blessing.


I do believe that there is still hope!  I believe that there is hope for our marriages, hope for our families, hope for our churches, and hope for our nation.  that hope lies within the willingness of Godly men to rise up from the ash heap of the social sewer in which manhood has sunk and be the man God called and created you to be!  In other words, “MAN UP”!!!  Be the man!  Be a man a husband to your wife!  Be a father to your children!  Be a man of integrity and character in the work place as well as in private!  Be a man who honors his wife!  Be a Godly example in your home!  Be a hero to your children!  Be a man that is more concerned about pleasing God, than one who is concerned about pleasing friends and peers.  Continue reading “THERE’S STILL HOPE!”

The Five “Pillars” of the Christian Life

All around the world today, we have seen the impact of radical Islam upon the world; the radical agenda that is carried out by zealous followers with extreme devotion to Allah and Islam.  I have never ceased to be amazed at the apparent zeal of most false religions and cults when contrasted with the apathy and stagnancy of those who claim to worship the ONE TRUE GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.   It is the curse of our faith in our current generation.  Granted, Muslims, as well as most false religions, adhere to the tenets of their beliefs because their eternal destiny hangs in the balance (good works to obtain salvation), but we understand that we are saved by grace alone through faith in the finished work of Christ.  AMEN!! Continue reading “The Five “Pillars” of the Christian Life”