With God NOTHING Is Impossible!

I recently finished reading through the book of Esther as part of our annual Bible reading schedule here at Grace.  What a powerful story of faith and victory.  The story of Esther and Mordecai’s faith and courage is a true inspiration for us all.  As I was reading through this small Old Testament book, I was reminded and challenged, once again, that even when threatened with the greatest of perils, God is still in control and He can still perform miracles.

Most of us already have the knowledge of this great truth in scripture, yet we often forget when faced with the hard, cold, depressing challenges of life.

All of us are fairly familiar with this wonderful story.  Esther and Mordecai are Jews incognito in the beginning.  When Esther is “taken” to the palace, or as we understand, providentially brought by God to the palace, Mordecai compels Esther to keep her heritage (as a Jew) a secret.  By chapter three, we are introduced to the character of Haman, who despises Mordecai because Mordecai will not  honor, nor bow before him.  Haman’s hatred turns to strong bitterness against all Jews in the kingdom of Ahasuerus.  Thus the plot for their destruction is birthed.  Through deceit and lies, Haman causes the king to give him the approval to murder every Jew in the kingdom.  An official decree is proclaimed throughout the kingdom, and the date is set.  On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, Adar, all Jews were to be destroyed.

It’s no wonder that Mordecai was filled with despair and cried with a bitter cry.  God had elevated Esther to a position of leadership in the kingdom.  Things were great and moving forward.  But everything changes overnight and now the entire Jewish race is facing extinction.  Have you ever found yourself in this situation…blind sided by what seems to be a hopeless situation that brings great despair?

Here’s the encouraging thought!  God had already put Esther in the palace long before Haman cast his devilish plan into motion.  In other words, God is already planning your victory, even when you are facing a hopeless situation.  We see God do this over and over again in the Word of God.  If there was ever a hopeless situation, it was the death of Lazarus.  He had been in the grave four days, yet when Jesus came on the scene, death gave way to victory! God used one young woman who yielded her life to God, through faith and obedience, and wrought a great victory that day for the Jewish people.

God’s timing is perfect! Yes, sometimes God will allow trials into our lives, but never for the purpose of hurting us.  God allows these things to strengthen our faith in Him and to remind us that He is God.  Be encouraged today, whatever challenge you are facing!  Maybe you are facing, what appears to be a hopeless situation in your ministry, family, health, or finances.  Determine to surrender your life to Christ today in complete obedience to the faith.  “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:27

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