Reflections Of A Father

The past two weeks have been some of the busiest I have ever experienced, including our Temple Christian Academy commencement last Friday evening.  I suppose the reason it seemed so taxing was because my own daughter, Alexis, was graduating.  It almost felt like she was getting married or something.  My emotions were all over the map, so I admit I just emmersed myself in the work I had to accomplish in an attempt to  suppress as much of the emotion as possible.  It seemed to be working pretty well until I had to bring the commencement message.  Oh, the pain of it!  How do you wrap 18 years into 30 minutes?  Some how, I got through it and God seemed to bolster me through it all.  In the end, I felt like the father in “Father And The Bride” when he was all alone after it was all done, just sitting in the chair trying to figure out what just happened.  Of course, he was sitting there and reflecting about his daughter’s life and how she grew up so fast and was now moving on with life.

Well, that’s where I find myself!  I still see this little “giggle box” running around with Shirley Temple curls, but in reality she is a young woman that reflects the Godly character and dignity of her mother.  It is hard to accept, I confess, but it has happened.  She received the Pastor’s Award this year at my hand, graduating on the Honor Roll and exemplifying the character of Christ as a student.  She was saved at the young age of four and has always had a servant’s heart for the Lord.  She grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and has never grown bitter toward ministry’s difficulties.  She answered the call to full time Christian service and is going to West Coast Baptist College in the fall. In her speech, she said, “My parents didn’t teach me religion, they taught me how to love God and serve Him.”  Somebody can say “Amen” right there!  I’m telling you, that does a heart good!

I couldn’t be more proud as a father.  The Apostle John said it best in  3Jn 1:4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”  Also, Pro 10:1 says, “The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.”  It is only by God’s grace that He has allowed us to raise two Godly young women who desire to serve the Lord.  Not all children will choose the path to serve Christ.  Many will go out into the world and waste their lives on riotous living.  I am so thankful the Vicki and I held the line over the years and make the hard decisions rather than convenient ones.  I am glad that we can now rejoice and experience the gladness of knowing our children walk in the truth, rather than the heaviness of a wayward child.  God has been so good to my family!  Thank you Lord Jesus!

I hope that you will purpose to hold the line in your own family.  Stay faithful to God’s Word!  Sometimes your friends, family, and even your children won’t understand it, but choose to stay faithful to God and His Word!  In the end, it is so worth it!

You can view Alexis’s graduation video at

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