Westboro vs. Free Speech

*This article in no way is a defense for the vulgar, hateful, and unethical behavior of the Westboro Baptist Church.  As a veteran, I am extremely honored to have served my country and to have served alongside our honorable men and women who defend our great liberty.  We are indebted to their great sacrifice for freedom.

Westboro Baptist “Church” has received a lot of publicity in recent years over their controversial picketing, especially at the funerals of fallen soldiers.  Personally, I have had to do a lot of soul searching on this issue myself, since I served my country for 11 years in the US Air Force before entering the ministry.  I bleed red, white, and blue and consider myself to have a deep sense of patriotism for my country.

After much controversy, the Supreme Court has ruled on the matter in favor of Westboro’s speech, defending its liberty.  However reprehensible we may feel about Westboro’s actions, there are some VERY important principles that we as Bible-believing Christians can learn and apply as we seek to share the Gospel with the unsaved.

There is no doubt that the Gospel has been under fire and that the world grows more and more hostile towards our beliefs every year.  We have already seen cases where preaching or witnessing has been challenged as “hate speech”.

Christian Law Association recently published an article “Courtroom Controversy”.  In this article, Dr. Gibbs articulates how much this landmark case will impact and affect our efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the future.  Please take the time to read this important article.  I pray that it will help you be more effective as a witness for Christ.

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