Hallowed To The Ministry

In the Old Testament, Exodus Chapter 29, God sets forth His principles and commandments concerning the Levitical priesthood and their service in the tabernacle.  These principles also teach us as New Testament Pastors and Preachers, some valuable spiritual lessons about  how we should conduct our lives if we too would be hallowed unto the Lord to minister unto Him.

  1. Saviour-centered Ministry– v.1, Notice first and foremost, that God said to hallow them “to minister  unto ME”.  We must remember that the Christian life and ministry should have one preeminent desire and goal- to follow Christ!  When Jesus called out His disciples, His call was simple, yet so profound, “Follow me.”  Remember, we have not been called to build buildings, wax eloquent in the pulpit, or become CEO’s, but to follow Christ; to make Him our desire, our goal, the chief aspiration of our ministry.  Everything else is a by-product.
  2. Sanctified Ministry– v.1-4, Secondly, we see that God required a bullock without blemish, unleavened bread, cakes, and wafers to be brought before the door of the congregation.  If we would be stand before the Lord in our ministry and be used, we too must set apart our lives unto God, separated and sanctified from sin and worldliness.
  3. Spirit-filled Ministry– v.5-7,  No doubt, we understand how necessary it is to have the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our lives and on our ministry, but let me clearly articulate this most important truth.  This process revealed here is PROGRESSIVE!  In other words, the only way to have the anointing and power of God upon your life and ministry will be when your ministry is Savior-centered, not self-centered, and when you stand before God free from blemish of sin and worldliness.  As one preacher said, “God does not give us His power as a play thing!”  I believe too many preachers have gotten use to getting by without God’s anointing and it has become the scurge of our churches today.
  4. Sacrificed Ministry– v. 10-18,  Here we see the death of the sacrifice before the Lord.  I like the way Leviticus Chapter 1 puts it concerning the burnt offering, “Burn it all on the altar”.  This is a must for the Christian who would be used of the Lord.  Death to self, death to your will, your desires, surrendering our life to His will and purpose.
  5. Sweet Ministry– v.18,  This should be our main goal in ministry- to please God.  God will not be impressed with the size of our churches, nor the stature we hold among our peers.  I do believe, however, that the one thing that pleases God more than anything is a life that is set apart from sin, a life that is surrendered to His will, and a life that is Spirit led.

May God help us to hallowed unto Him.

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